Adaptogens and Athletics

The benefits of adaptogens are priceless when it comes to athletic competition. This is a realm where their potential has been tested more than any other. Why do athletes use adaptogens? BECAUSE THEY WORK. Read on.

The short list:

  1. Increase protein biosynthesis
  2. Raise antibody titer at immunization
  3. Elevate the body's enzyme synthesis by means of general endocrine stimulation
  4. Enhance mental work capacity
  5. Uplift physical work capacity along with performance and endurance
  6. Quench free radicals so as to prevent oxidizing pathology
  7. Improve eyesight, color perception, hearing, and vestibular functions
  8. Offer beneficial effects in cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  9. Promote longevity
  10. Raises the body's nonspecific resistance to various stressors such as toxins, excess cooling, overheating, altered barometric pressure, ultraviolet, ionizing, and cosmic radiation, and too much motor activity

More information comming soon.



Think about this for now:

In a double-blind trial on 140 track and field athletes using Schizandra as the active ingredient, 74% of the test subjects obtained their best results in the 3000-meter run, which is well known as the most stringent test for a runner.

Loren Seagrave, coach to U.S. champion sprinter Andre Cason, after hearing of the Russians' adaptogens, added them to his Cason's training diet. No other changes to his training. "Three months after going on the program, Andre defeated the fastest sprinters in the world, including Carl Lewis -- and became the U.S. champion in the 100-meters.

"Our greatest competitive advantage came from performance supplements derived from natural plant materials. The nutritional support provided by these supplements helped our athletes achieve better performance, stamina, endurance, strength, recovery, immune resistance, muscle development, and adaptation to changes in climate, time zones, and altitude," admitted Dr. Portugalov *. "The world has seen the results at the last four Olympic Games. But until recently our revolutionary discoveries were a closely guarded secret." -1994


*Dr. Portugalov (Cheif advisor in pharmacology and nutrition for the Solviot athletic teams)