Third Movement

To realize his dream he needed to share it; and in the summer of 1991 destiny and history came together in the stunning fall of the Soviet Union. Under the new order, Dr. Brekhman was able to come out of Russia to America to shared his dream with us. With the help of independent health and scientific institutions, he was able to create an adpaptogen formula more potent then any other.

For 45 years of intensive study, research and testing only Brekhman, among the scientist’s of the world, looked into the secret heart of a thousand plants; and there he found over the decades, year by year, each of the undiscovered elements that he was to blend and harmonize into an unduplicable, perfectly synergized composition he simply named Prime One. His lifes dream had been accomlished. Even after his passing in 1994, brekhmans research, accomplishments and love continue to resonate through out the world of science, medicine, and sports. But most importantly, through his dream of natural health for everyone.