“The search for the answer in nature,: was the mandate given to Dr. Brekhman more than five decades ago. Dr. Israel I. Brekhman was a renowned scientist and researcher, a medical doctor, teacher, philosopher, the world’s foremost authority on adaptogenic plants, and recipient of his country’s highest award for scientific achievement. Fifty-five years ago, at the outset of his brilliant career, Dr. Brekhman set out on a quest: To discover what nutritional substances, when added to his diet would be the greatest help to man in resisting the stresses of life and time; in releasing the wellsprings of stamina, energy and vitality; in banishing fatigue; in raising to new levels his capacity for work and for play; in enhancing recuperation and personal recuperation; and in restoring the vital balance in which well-being and being well are but two sides of the same, bright coin. It was Sr. Brekhman’s friend and mentor, Dr. N. Lazarev, who offered both a clue and a direction for the quest. “Search for the answer in nature.”

If his purpose was no less than to unlock the secrets of nature itself, Dr. Brekhman realized he must go where nature was at its most pristine and untouched by mankind. He left his home in St. Petersburg and traveled across eleven time zones to the Far East of Russia, to a wild, mysterious region of age-old forest, jungles and mountains called the Primorye. Wildlife abounded there: Deer, wolves, and the great black bear, even tigers and plants. Nature’s great bounty of plants. Plants in such abundance and such variety untouched by time or civilization, that Dr. Brekhman has called the Primorye “the greatest living laboratory on earth”. And here for 40 years Dr. Brekhman applied, for the first time in history, the disciplines of world-class scientific methodology to the study of these age-old plants. He broke the codes of plant after plant and read secrets there that, to this day, are only known to Dr. Brekhman and a few others.