Adaptogen Research

Though adaptogen research is in its early days, there has been a fair amount of work done to
date. Enough work that certain conclusions can be drawn about this class of drug. These
observations can be useful in guiding research in a focused manner.
First, though, it must be said that Herbal Medicine is an interdisciplinary discipline. It borrows
from history, ethno botany, botany, chemistry, phytochemistry, and clinical medicine. Indeed,
the discipline draws from many different sources to develop an understanding of herbal
medicines and, the professional in herbal medicine must be prepared to move between diverse
worlds. Although we are not chemists, historians, or botanists, we must know how to extract
information from those disciplines for our own purposes. The observations regarding the 44
new botanical adaptogens, and adaptogens in general, are constructed with materials from
other sciences. Although the materia medica is 100% vegetable in origin, we must be satisfied
with repurposing information gathered by others for other purposes.
That said, important observations regarding botanical adaptogens that have come to the fore in
this project. They are as follows:
• Adaptogens are drugs that remedy State of Exhaustion
• Adaptogens are simple drugs targeting a complex system
• Certain plant families are rich in potential adaptogens
• Adaptogens could be organised by secondary strengths
• Adaptogens switch on cells in disease induced cellular retirement
• Phytochemistry of adaptogens
• Wound healing agents may be adaptogens
• Resistogen may be a better term
• A modified adaptogen criterion