Sports Nutrition and Pharmacology in Western Countries

One of the major deficiencies of using pharmacological means and nutrition in the West is that there is no complete system. Dozens of colorful and glitzy advertisements in any major bodybuilding or other sport-related magazine are touting the benefits of the latest "miracle" supplement. But, there is no method for their use (time recommendation and periodization within the overall training cycle and single work-outs, or regarding food consumption and the restorative periods) no sound scientific research to back up their claims, and no system to complex them with other pharmacological substances or nutritional supplements and training means.

This is very confusing to even the most educated coaches and athletes.

Little effort has been directed at educating athletes, and developing an effective system of sport pharmacology. Athletes and coaches are still asking the same questions they did ten years ago. There is no systematic plan for using effective sport pharmacology in coordination with contemporary training methods. Also, information is lacking about the systemic approach for combining various pharmacological substances into an effective formula that enhances health and performance. Successful sport pharmacology utilizes substances such as adaptogens previously available only in the USSR.